March 21, 2016

Case Studies

Case Studies

I have provided safety consultancy services to organisations and businesses of all types and sizes across Australia. My selection of case studies below demonstrates how I have assisted a wide variety of businesses to operate more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


I was contracted by Terminals Pty Ltd for six months to act as the Project Compliance Coordinator on a large-scale construction project in Port Botany, Sydney.

My role was to develop a number of important polices and procedures that were crucial to the project being able to be completed safely and with minimal disruption. As part of the process, we devised and implemented a WHS Site Safety Plan, an Environmental Site Plan, an Asbestos Site Plan and a Project Risk Register. I also conducted an audit of their management systems and undertook site inspections and task observations, as well as developing SWMS and carrying out inductions.

I was also the client liaison when dealing with regulators, councils and Port authorities.


I was engaged by Enoplastic AUST to restructure their existing SEQ management systems. I also advised and assisted them with the external audit process required for the business to maintain its ISO 9001 accreditation.

As part of this process, we conducted plant risk assessments and training, and as a result developed new work instructions that incorporated potential hazards and simplified the company’s operating procedures.


I assisted in the development of a WHS Management System for TRG Transport and provided them with a safety consultancy services to improve the overall effectiveness, efficiency and safety of their operations. As part of the process, we conducted site inspections and consulted with the workforce and management about operating procedures.

Civil Construction

I was engaged by Bardavcol to conduct site audits of its existing WHS Site Safety Plans and Environmental Site Plans.

This involved carrying out a number of site inspections and task observations, and working with the company to improve the overall SEQ management system.


I have been assisting Tranzcorp Aust  with there overall integrated management system and projects for two years now. My scope of work includes; SEQ representative for the company, site inspections of projects, internal audits, rebuild of IMS to reflect transition period, day to day running of safety, environment and quality management systems, incident investigations and training.