SEQ Audits

Find internal auditing boring and time consuming? Then sign me up!


An audit is different from a gap analysis in that it takes places when you are closer to or in the final stages of preparing for accreditation, as it looks at how successfully the requirements of the standard have been implemented in your organisation.

An audit will take in more than simply your documentation and policies – instead, it will also involve looking at how well processes have been developed and put into action, the degree to which the workforce understands and implements relevant policies and procedures (such as your safety management plan), as well as providing an overall assessment as to how well you are doing in meeting compliance.

Undertaking an audit is a crucial step in your preparation for accreditation and maintenance of an existing system.

Health Checks

Ongoing ‘health checks’ of your organisation’s performance in relation to SEQ management can help to discover how well standards are being maintained, whether policies and procedures remain relevant, or if changes to legislation have affected your compliance.

Conducting regular periodic checks of your management systems can ensure that you retain your accreditation and that you are up to date with regard to the best and safest working practices.  Contact me to arrange a monitoring check up of your system performance.