SEQ Documents

SEQ Policies

Any WHS, EMS or QMS policy that you adopt should to be practical, easy to understand, straightforward to implement and actually reflect your working practices. That’s why in the development of SEQ documents I work closely with you and your team to get a full understanding of your organisation and how you operate through on-site visits, consultation with your workforce and assessment of your existing WHS and site safety plans.

There’s no value in having generic systems that have come from another company or industry and don’t reflect what it is that you do, or in having policies that haven’t been read and understood by your workers. My approach is always to create documents (such as SWMS or construction HSE plans) that reflect your organisation and working practices, are straightforward to understand and work with, and improve your overall operational effectiveness.

Please contact me on (08) 8244 2482 or via email if you are looking to develop policies or want to learn more.