ISO 14001:Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001

Business of all kinds today are required to take steps to reduce the impact they have on the environment, as set out in ISO 14001 and state environmental protection frameworks.

However, an effective and efficient Environmental Management System (EMS) is about more than compliance – an appropriate and relevant EMS also means better use of your resources, enhanced productivity and reduced costs.

Cut Down on Environmental Green Tape

Environmental management, however, does not need to wrap you up in green tape. My experience in devising EMS for a wide variety of businesses and industries means that I have the expertise to deliver a solution that is geared towards reflecting your business’ needs and ensuring compliance with all of the relevant legislation, but in a way that is useful and reflects what you do.

This means no unnecessary and irrelevant documentation, or lengthy policies that no-one can bother to read, let alone put into place. Instead, I specialise in tailor-made solutions that have a positive impact on your environmental outcomes while being accessible, able to be implemented and that take into account your actual work practices.

I cover all aspects of business and industry, from offices and retail premises looking to recycle effectively or reduce their energy consumption, to construction and manufacturing companies who require extensive site management plans.

I can offer a wide range of environmental consultant services connected to the successful implementation of Environmental Management Systems and compliance, including identifying your needs, prioritising actions and then implementing your system.

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