Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are crucial to your organisation’s management system. I will work with your company to identify and assess on-site hazards and their potential to cause harm to the workforce, customers or the public. This is done through on-site observation and assessment of site safety plans in consultation with management, contractors and the workforce. I am then able to advise you as to the best way to minimise the risk so far as is reasonably practicable. 

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

A JSA is a form of risk assessment, which details step by step how the task is to be carried out safely, as opposed to many risk assessments which only consider static conditions such as a machine or chemical storage risk assessment.

It is a specific risk assessment that is connected with carrying out a particular task, or operating a piece of plant or machinery, can be performed safely, and provides step-by-step instructions and guidelines on how safe processes can be established and put into place.

In recent years terms has expanded to “JSEA” to include environmental aspects as well. However, it is not necessary to keep changing the titles as a JSA can and usually does specify every aspect of the task including; safety, quality and environmental aspects.

SOP (Safe Operating Procedure or Standard Operating Procedure)

SOP’s are a written step-by-step procedure for a specific non-repetitive task which may be hazardous or critical. The purpose of an SOP is to provide written guidance for a particular task such that any qualified person can successfully and safely complete the task.

SOP’s are best developed and used for highly skilled jobs and when the equipment and work environment change often. For example, an SOP with appropriate warnings and cautions, would best be developed and used for tasks such as confined space entry, maintenance tasks, lockout-tagout, welding operations, system startup and shutdown.

I can assist your business in developing SOP’s that include clear and accurate step-by-step instructions and guidelines on the safe performance of a specific task, or the use of particular plant or equipment that has the potential to create hazards and risks.

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